Chi Park – Co-founder and Head of Architecture & Project Management

Chi Park has 27 years’ experience as an architect and he had been integrally involved and leading the team in the design and implementation of variety of projects including mixed-use development, contemporary galleries and housing developments. These include key projects like the One Hyde Park in London, the Tate Modern Gallery II in London and Parc 1 in Seoul.


Chi played a key role in a new urban design strategy referred to as ‘architectural infrastructure’ which is being tested and realized in Germany and the UK, where new domestic and industrial developments are being planned. He lectured at several universities, including the University of Newcastle from 2008 to 2011, and was guest critic to diploma units in London and Seoul.

Alexander S. Kim – Co-founder and Head of New Business Development & Finance

Alexander has 15+ years of working experience in a top Dow Jones US multinational corporation. He held various global roles in Finance, Audit and Risk and worked and lived in numerous countries across Europe, North America and Asia. He has a strong reputation for being a solution focused leader with excellent people management skills and received multiple corporate awards.

Alexander is passionate about building wealth through property investment and development, having personally built a multi £MM UK investment property portfolio. He strives for constant value creation by maximising potentials, finding customised solutions and applying various creative strategies. Being mentored by experienced property investors himself, Alexander is member of various property related government bodies, property training and network organisations.